Earth Mama Angel Baby...doesn't that name just sound perfect?!

Just this week, Kelly Francisco returned to StrollerFit classes after having her second baby. Kelly has been a loyal StrollerFit mama for over a year now, attending class with her first son, Cale. She kept working out right up to her due date and now has little six week old Hayden to accompany her! Through a partnership with StrollerFit and a local all natural wellness store, Healthy Being Wellness Boutique, Kelly had a chance to try out a new line of products that Healthy Being currently carries. Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics offers many products for moms-to-be, newborns and new mamas as well. Kelly sampled the Postpartum Recovery Kit and shared her opinion of the products with us.

The gift basket was awesome! I really think hospitals should give this out (or at least she should partner with some homebirth or women's center type places and have them offer it, it just seems like a perfect fit!)

There was a tie for my favorite product between the Earth Mama Bottom Balm and the Happy Mama spray. Two very different products (for obvious reasons) but each equally excellent.

The Bottom Balm provided cool relief after the damage done from labor. The hospital provides a spray but this was sooo much better, the cooling lasted for what felt like forever (I think it was at more than an hour) while the hospital spray was cool on contact and then quickly vanished. I don't know why it was so much more potent than the standard witch hazel pads too, but it really was.

The Happy Mama spray is just a nice clean refreshing spray that you spritz on from time to time. I especially like it after a rough night of little sleep...its citrus smell perks me right up and to be quite honest makes me forget the smells of spit up that seem to be a constant when the baby first comes home ;)

New Mama bottom spray was excellent as well, not as long lasting as the bottom balm, but love the fresh cucumber smell!

The tea was great, I'll be honest I don't know that it affected my mood but it was delicious and refreshing and also works great as an iced tea (just make sure to really overbrew it so it has enough flavor for iced tea).

The only product I really didn't try out was the bath/sitz bath herbs. I somehow kept forgetting about it (probably because I put it over by the bath) and when I did go to use it, I was too lazy to put the herbs in the little satchel. I know, how horrible am I?! I do plan on using it though as soon as I can find some time for myself.

Healthy Being Wellness Boutique is located at 425 33rd Ave N in St Petersburg. Melissa Gallagher is the owner and is very knowledgeable about many aspects of women's health and wellness. Stop in TODAY and tell her STROLLERFIT sent you, there are so many products and services available...too many to explain here! It's such a peaceful and tranquil place, just stopping in and browsing is a perfect pick-me-up on a dreary day.


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