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The Six Most Important Tips for Total Wellness, from Mary Kay

•  Skin care. One of the best ways to look better is by keeping our skin healthy and glowing.

•   Hydration and eating right. Drinking water helps keep the skin hydrated and supple, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, maintaining a well-balanced diet, including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, is important too. These foods contain natural antioxidants which can benefit your skin as well as your overall health.

•  Exercise. Regular exercise enhances blood flow, giving your skin a healthy glow. Exercise also can help reduce the production of stress-related hormones that may contribute to acne flare-ups. Indirect evidence shows that when you exercise, your level of stress diminishes. Reducing stress tends to quiet the adrenals. There is reduced hormone output, which helps control acne. Regular exercise also increases sweating, which in turn can unclog pores and have a positive effect on breakouts.

•  Spending time with friends. Relaxing, laughing, connecting – all have a positive effect on our mind and body.

•  Stress relief. One form of stress relief is getting regular massages. They help promote relaxation and increase blood circulation. Massage also exfoliates dead skin cells, which encourages cell regeneration. The result is healthier, better-looking skin.

•  Adequate sleep. It seems we can never get enough! Sleep is essential for maintaining your metabolism, but it is also important for skin health. For example, sleep relaxes the facial muscles and that helps to smooth wrinkles and lines on your face. In addition, lack of sleep may alter the regulation of blood vessel tone and thus contribute to puffiness or bags under the eyes.

Christie Cambut, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, will be at the Mother Love Family Fitness Festival to answer questions and show product samples.  Remember, Mother's Day is next weekend and Mary Kay has a wide range of products for Mom.


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