Step It Up - Challenge Yourself!

If your New Year's resolution is to lose weight or be healthier in 2010, you will achieve the most success if you set specific goals that are measurable. After their
early 20's, women lose 1% of their muscular strength every year - so this is
something moms really need to focus on. Start small and add progressions as
your body become more used to the exercises. It is only when your body is
continuously challenged that you will see and feel noticeable results.

Here are some examples of exercises to do at home. Start with 2 sets of 8 - then add a few more reps and another set, up to 3 sets of 12. When that's too easy - go up to the next level!


Tricep Dips
• Level 1 - Knees bent
• Level 2 - Legs straight
• Level 3 - Crunch knee, then extend - one leg at a time

Push Ups
• Level 1 - Knees
• Level 2 - Toes, one foot up
• Level 3 - Push & Pull (as you push up from the floor/bench row one hand in
tight to your body and extend up, alternate arms)


• Level 1 - Down for two counts, up for two counts
• Level 2 - add alternate leg raise
• Level 3 - lift package (or anything weighted) in front of your body and/or

Calf Raises
• Level 1 - flat foot to toes
• Level 2 - toes on stoop, heels off, full range of motion
• Level 3 - back to floor, lift package (or weight) above head as you go up on


Side Plank
• Level 1 - knees on ground
• Level 2 - extend legs, feet on ground
• Level 3 - can of soup in hand (or other weight), lift & lower

Row Boat
• Level 1 - lay back on forearms, chest up, bring knees into chest & push out
• Level 2 - sit on edge of chair to create instability
• Level 3 - chest up, no arms back in v-sit, use arms to help row (same motion
as legs)


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