Mommymuscle Challenge

Wanted: Mommy's everywhere
Have you ever thought about joining Strollerfit and getting back into shape after having children? Now is the time. Start your New Year right and join us for the Mommymuscle Challenge that starts January 24th, 2010. This is an 8 week Challenge for moms just like you to see measurable body results and improve your cardio, balance, flexibility, muscle & core strength. There will be discounts on equipment and packages. You will see results and win prizes by competing ONLY with yourself.

Come to the Vinoy Park near the North Shore Pool in beautiful downtown
St. Petersburg from 2-4pm to begin measuring your muscle strength and endurance. Bring the kids and lets start strengthening our mommy muscles. You can always come out and check out our Strollerfit classes Monday through Saturday even if you do not wish to be part of the challenge. Your first class is always free.


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