Top Five Tips for Family Fitness in the New Year

1. Set Measurable Goals - What is the #1 New Years resolution of all time?
"Lose weight!" How do you know if you've reached your goal, though? Do you
want to lose 10 pounds? Or, do you want to fit into those skinny jeans? How
about running your first 5K? By setting small, measurable goals you will be
able to check off your accomplishments and stay motivated throughout the year.

2. Family Meal Time - Everyone is busy and it can be very difficult for everyone
to sit down together for a meal. If dinnertime is too hectic, try a family
breakfast a few days a week. Not only will your children see you eating a
healthy meal (yes, even moms & dads need to eat their veggies!), but it will
create an open line of communication in your home.

3. Participate in Activities Together - Turn off the TV and head outside. If
your kids see you consistently being active they will be more interested in
staying active as well. Take a family walk after dinner, play tag at the park
or be a coach for your little one's sports team.

4. Challenge Yourself - If you are doing the same activities every day you will
soon hit a plateau, both physically and mentally. Instead of running the same
route every morning, grab a friend and head to the park to do some push ups on
the benches and calf raises on the curb.

5. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - It happens to everyone: a child is sick, busy
week at work, family in town. We all fall off the horse sometimes...just get
right back on without missing a beat! Don't let a small distraction change your
new healthy habits. Try keeping a daily log on the calendar of your fitness &
nutrition habits. That way you can look back over the month and see your


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