mommymuscle® challenge

Have you ever felt discouraged when you look in the mirror and don't recognize the woman you see??

The mommymuscle® challenge will help you set reasonable goals for yourself so you can see measurable changes in your body. With repeated participation during the 8 week long program, you will notice improvements in your strength, balance, flexibility and aerobic conditioning – even if the number on the scale doesn’t change immediately.

Here is what the mommymuscle® challenge will do:

• Teach moms to appreciate themselves
• Set attainable goals for the 8 week challenge
• Assess their current fitness levels and help them understand that this is only the place to START
• Help moms learn not to judge themselves based on the success of others
• Motivate moms to get the proper amount of rest, nutrition, hydration and exertion
• Coach them safely and effectively, monitoring their progress for the 8 week program
• Re-assess them after 8 weeks and celebrate the improvement

Raging hormones, weight gain and the physical de-conditioning women experience during
pregnancy can lead to depression and disappointment when their bodies don’t return to their pre-childbirth shape. The mommymuscle® challenge will not only help change a woman’s body, it will help restore her self-esteem and boost her self-image.

Initial testing for the challenge will take place at VINOY PARK on SUNDAY, JANUARY 24. Come by anytime between 2-4PM, with or without your kids, and participate in the twelve elements of the challenge. Once we get your before "scores", join us in class through the eight week challenge to step it up in every aspect of your fitness.


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