Simplify Your Diet & Shed More Pounds

Do you feel like you've hit a road block when it comes to loosing weight? You can make a few simple changes to your diet & shed a few extra pounds this month. It's safe to loose about one pound per week. Here are some examples:
1.Try cutting out soda or maybe just having one or two soda's a week. If you need the caffeine you could switch to a caffeinated tea.
2.You'd be surprised how much you can satisfy your sweet craving by substituting your candy bar for fruit or yogurt.
3.Have some berries with a little cool whip for a snack instead of a bowl of ice cream.
4.Nibble on a handful nut assortment when you're feeling tired at work or in the car. Almonds & cashews are very healthy for you but you need to stick to your small handful, not the entire bag.
5.Bring a sandwich bag of carrots to nibble on or celery & peanut butter for a mid-day snack.
6.Serve more veggies with dinner and make your main entree a smaller portion.
7.Still need your chocolate fix? Switch to dark chocolate. It's not a bad thing to indulge yourself occasionally or eat something you're craving. Sometimes if you don't satisfy a craving you will eat more and more and eventually eat what you were craving anyway. Don't beat yourself up for slipping here and there. It's okay in moderation.
8.Remember it's best to eat 6 small meals a day(some call it grazing) than to have 2 or 3 large meals a day. And studies show that grazing helps maintain and control weight better especially in athletes.


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