One of the most serene places in St Pete... Sunken Gardens

StrollerFit of St Pete couldn't be happier to announce that we will be offering classes at The Sunken Gardens beginning this summer! The Sunken Gardens is a historic landmark for the city, comprised of local plants & flowers, flamingos, macaws and turtles in a tropical environment. In recent months, there have been a few different fitness classes starting to offer classes here. Currently, there are yoga, pilates and hoop dancing classes available. StrollerFit and mommymuscle sculpt will add a new dimension to these options.

StrollerFit will take advantage of a wonderful INDOOR location on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. With the summer heat and humidity, as well as the scattered shade at our usual park location, indoor class a few days a week in the Garden Room will be a welcome change. During the summer, may older toddlers and preschoolers often join us for classes since they are out of school. The indoor location will be especially adaptable for older kids to attend class, as they will be able to be close to mom at all times & not able to wander off.

mommymuscle Sculpt is a class just for women without kids in tow. Participants will enjoy a 50 minute strength training class at one of the outdoor amphitheaters in the Gardens. Childcare may be available for those enrolled in class at a small additional fee - we just need to gauge the interest in offering this amenity. Sculpt will work all parts of your body top to might even work a few muscles you didn't even know you had! Strength training is so important ESPECIALLY for women. Did you know that adults who do not participate in strength training types of exercises lose 5% of their metabolic rate (the rate the body burns calories) every decade of their life! This slow down will reflect in an increase in body fat. Fat does not burn calories...muscle does!

Be sure to check the calendar on the right side for the most up to date class schedule information for STROLLERFIT and MOMMYMUSCLE SCULPT at The Sunken Gardens!


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