StrollerFriends is Back!

After a short hiatus, our StrollerFriends events are back!  In the next two weeks, we have playdates, a party, Moms Night Out and more planned.  StrollerFriends is a wonderful way to get to know the moms and kids from class outside of the StrollerFit environment.  Do you know which moms have kids your child's age?  Wish you could ask someone about what the best day care, pediatrician, playground or diaper brand?  Do you feel like you are the only mom who is going through sleepless nights, teething, terrible twos, potty training or breast feeding troubles?  StrollerFriends events are always an informal, fun way to reach out and connect with other moms.  Oh, the kids have a blast interacting and learning from their friends, too!  Here's a picture from our StrollerFriend holiday party at the end of last year.  Miss Lily from Noah's Playhouse came with mats, balls, instruments and more to entertain and have fun with us.  You DO NOT have to be a StrollerFit member or participant to join us at StrollerFriends events.  See something on the calendar that looks fun?  Just contact Christie to RSVP and we'll see you there!


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