Meghann Ayers Photography to capture Baby Boot Campers in action!
Meghann Ayers is a long-time Baby Boot Camp mama, toting Hudson and Celia with her in class for over a year now.  Hudson just started school and Meghann has had time to pursue her true passion - on location, natural light photography.

She has already had the opportunity to work with a few Baby Boot Camp families and the results are just amazing.  We are now proud to have her attend class as our official photographer and not a mommy working out on MONDAY, OCTOBER 25TH.  She'll catch some awesome shots of moms interacting with their babies, the kids enjoying watching their active mommies, and everyone getting their workout on ~ all with the lovely background of downtown St Pete and The Pier.

Not to worry, all photos will be flattering and are meant to be a tribute to our active lifestyles and family bonding that happens at Baby Boot Camp.  Moms will be able to purchase prints of the photos at a reduced rate, and Meghann is also offering current Baby Boot Camp members a discount any session booked before the end of 2010.

Looking forward to a fun, engaging class on Monday!  Be sure to check out Meghann's website for detailed information about her packages and parties available!


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