Rain, to stay??

This weather has been tough recently in the Tampa Bay region.  Hot and humid for weeks on all this rain.  The natural thing to do would be to hole up inside and feel miserable.  This miserable feeling can go from bad to worse when you repeatedly miss workouts and get off schedule.  Try to get out of the house for a brief workout and when you get back, who knows - you might just have more spring in your step and feel better than when you left.  Here are some tips for working out in the rain (or if it looks like rain...):

* Cloudy weather darkens the sky so be aware of what you're wearing.  Be sure your attire is brightly colored and reflective. (Hey, did you know that both Baby Boot Camp and IronMommies have great bright & reflective wardrobe options!)

* Slip on a lightweight rain jacket.  If it's too hot to even think about long sleeves (usually is...) then be sure your top is made out of a waterproof, moisture-wicking material.  Same goes for your bottoms - wear shorts or a skirt made to repel water.  The last thing you want to do is wear cotton which will absorb any moisture and make it heavier.

* Watch where you step.  Wet feet are a major cause of blister, so try to avoid puddles.  There are some great moisture wicking socks available, as well as water-proof shoes.  Good options for outdoor runners in Florida.

* If you listen to music, be sure to protect your iPod or phone.  One of our own Baby Boot Camp instructors, Libby is a new Avon representative and they have a fab new product for doing just that.  The Curves Arm Band is a reasonably priced way to keep your tunes handy and dry.  

* Don't be too hard on yourself. You may not be able to exercise for as long or as far, but just enjoy the time you did commit to working out and know that most people used the rain as an excuse to skip out.  Be proud of your commitment!

* Lighting and thunder are another story.  A few drops and sprinkles can't hurt, but head indoors when you see the real storm rolling in.  I love for updates and maps of the storms.  They have a great app as well for your phone.


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