Creaky Bones 5k Race

On October 28th, 2010 A group of mommies from Baby Boot Camp and IRun Mommies met at the St. Petersburg Pier for the Creaky Bones 5k Walk/Run family event. We had a chance to chat and meet some of the husbands that came. Many of us had our children with us and many of our husbands were watching the kids while us mommies ran the 5k together. Some of the kids ran the Kids Fun Run that was before the 5k race. Christie Bruners daughter, Grace, won a trophy and received a metal. Way to go Grace.  

My husband decided he was going to run the 5k and push JB in the stroller, however, he changed his mind as we were parking the car, but I decided this was going to be fun no matter what, even though I was pushing the stroller. The race started out a bit slow since we began by running around the back side of the Pier (very crowded) but then people started to spread out as we got farther down the street. It was a bit humid that night but once the sun went down the temperature wasn't too bad. 

I felt like this crazy runner mommy with the stroller. Maybe that should be my new business making running clothes, visors, and bumper stickers that say "Crazy Mommy Running with Stroller."  Just kidding. I was running back and forth from the street to the sidewalk and sometimes off roading it onto the grass so I could pass people. I'm not a fast runner but I guess I really wanted a good time for this race.

When I was sprinting back my awesome husband, who wouldn't push the stroller in the first place, ran to meet me after he finished the race so he could take JB in the stroller and I could finish the race in a high speed sprint. I pushed myself to the limit because when I finished I thought I was going to throw up all over the guy that stopped me to cut off my shoe timer thing. Lucky for him, I was able to hold it all in. All in All it was a great night of Halloween costumes and lights, not to mention a fun group of mommy friends.

Next our Baby Boot Camp Moms and IRun Mommies are running the Women's Half Marathon or 5k on November 21st and then the Turkey Trot 5k or 10k on Thanksgiving Day, November 25th. We hope to see you at one of these events or join us for a great workout with your kids at Baby Boot Camp class.


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