MOLO - Mother Love Fitness Challenge!

What is the Mother Love Fitness Challenge (MOLO)??
Baby Boot Camp is calling all moms to commit three months of "Mother Love" - regular exercise in a supportive environment with some friendly competition and philanthropy to make it the mother of all fitness challenges.

When: Challenge begins January 31 and ends May 1, 2011


Month One: Strong Love!
Goal - Increase strength and confidence in our bodies

Month Two: Core Love!
Goal - We'll stretch to increase our flexibility and improve our balance using our core muscles

Month Three: Cardio Love!
Goal - Get outside for some sprint cardio workouts

One time $29 enrollment includes:
- MOLO Fit Pack (event shirt, client tracking sheets, client assessment sheet, Baby Boot Camp pocket folder, samples from MOLO national sponsors)
- Pre- and post- challenge measurements
- Weekly assessments
- Opportunity to win local and national prizes each month

Email Christie Bruner for information about registering for MOLO and more details about Baby Boot Camp in St Petersburg!


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