"Have a Clear Vision and Know You Are Worthy"

Now, I can't claim the glory for the title of this blog entry...it's from an episode of Oprah which aired a few days ago featuring her fitness guru, Bob Greene.  He had some amazing insight about what causes 80% of people who loose weight to gain it back.  It really resonated with me regarding the moms I meet every day - not only in Baby Boot Camp class, but at my kids' schools, in line at Publix, and casual acquaintances.  Oprah did a poll of her audience and found that like 78% of her audience that day said they were "very motivated" to loose weight.  Bob said yeah right - there is no way...there is a difference between saying you are motivated and doing something about it.  It's so true.

Many moms that I meet tell me they want to loose weight, be healthier, be a good role model.  It's easy to say.  But, you have to go into the process knowing that there are going to be barriers and keep your vision clear.  One of Bob's points that resonates the most with me is: "Convince yourself that you are deserving".  MOMS!  HELLO!  There is no way you can be a happy, healthy mom and role model if you don't think you deserve it.  You think your kids deserve gymnastics and soccer...right?  You deserve a healthy body that will ensure you will be around to see them compete in the Olympics thanks to the lessons you gave them when they were young.

Another big one: "Identify the biggest barriers holding you back".  Bob says there are differences between barriers and excuses.  Barriers are big issues: toxic relationships, unfulfilling jobs, money issues.  These things weigh heavily on us an affect our mental state and there is no way to focus on health until these problems are resolved.  However, us moms have small barriers everyday that don't seem like excuses at the time...but maybe they really are??
"I was awake all night with my infant and couldn't get up to workout"   ...then...
"My toddler only wanted chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, so I had to eat them too"  ...turns into...
"I'm running from preschool drop off to doctor appointment to field trips, I don't have time for myself"

Best line, "What parent would [tell her child], 'Don't take care of yourself?' That's the message your kids are learning,"  This is a serious epidemic in our society and our country, please know you are worth it - and with a supportive group full of like minded moms YOU can do it!

Bob Greene's 5 Ways to Keep Weight Off


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