Awaken Yoga Center

“At Awaken Yoga Center - Sunken Gardens, we endeavor to deliver yoga technologies that enable individuals to personally experience peace, health and vitality, and strengthen their relationship with God, the Divine or themselves," says Ram Gian, Awaken’s Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor.
"We offer our practitioners are: practical and highly affordable instruction in enhancing physical, mental and spiritual well-being."

We are known for our spiritual ecumenism and universalism; our community service and our spiritual workshops, retreats and concerts for devotees of all faiths. We also offer two (2) Yoga Ministries through our Parent Company,, which is a division of DMC, Inc. a corporate entity that makes this work possible, and a Yoga Festival!
Awaken Yoga will present a family yoga demo at 10:30am at the Mother Love Family Fitness Festival.  Join us for a relaxing start to the day!  Then, head up to the expo where Awaken Yoga will be for the remainder of the day to answer questions about their classes in Sunken Gardens.


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