Inspired Gear

Inspired Gear, Inc. has been launched because of my love for fitness, health, nutrition and happiness. I love to inspire others to set and reach goals in many aspects of life. I truly believe that maintaining a positive attitude and believing in yourself makes everything in life so much easier. My hope is to help others believe that their goals are truly attainable.

I have always enjoyed reading inspirational phrases. Whenever I read an inspiring or educational phrase, it motivates me! So, why not actually wear inspirational phrases to motivate you and make you feel stronger? That is my philosophy.

Inspired Gear, Inc. is always working with many event coordinators of local runs (5K, 10K, half marathons, etc.), local gyms, local stores, community event organizers, etc. in the Sarasota/Bradenton/Venice and other bay areas. We will have an Inspired Gear tent at various events and will be selling our merchandise and giving out free promotional items. We also have a web store. We are excited to offer our inspired gear to those who are not at the local events. Please check out our web store!

I am constantly working on new inspirational phrases and ordering new merchandise. I will notify the public of new merchandise through various forms of advertising such as our website, email, Facebook, blogging, etc.

We look forward to the opportunity to inspire as many people as possible.  If we can help people have a positive attitude, believe in themselves, and feel great about pushing towards their personal goals, then we have accomplished our goal!                ~~ Rachel Brown, President

Inspired Gear will be at the Mother Love Family Fitness Festival selling a variety of shirts and gear for women, men and children!  Come check out these awesome products, perfect for motivating you for your next race or workout.


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