Deceptively Nutritous Cookies

About our cookies: 
The ingredients in Deceptively Nutritious Cookies make them a one of a kind pleasure.  They contain the perfect balance of whole wheat flour, flax seed, natural applesauce, natural brown sugar and a variety of vegetables.  They are low in sugar and trans fat-free.  Our produce is hand-picked from local farmers' markets to ensure the freshest ingredients when preparing our baked goods.

Give the gift of health!
A moment on the lips doesn't have to mean a lifetime on the hips.  Combine this healthy treat with your maintenance regimen.  Listing the ingredients on the label informs you of exactly what's in your order, but more importantly, what's NOT in it!  You'll never find artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup or preservatives in our products.  Just the wholesome goodness of fresh baked goods packed with antioxidants, fiber, protein and Omega vitamins.

Some vegetables found in our products:
Chick Peas...Sweet Potato...Zucchini...Squash...Pumpkin...Spinach...Carrots

Yadhira Maldonado is a local mom, personal trainer and spin instructor.  She started Deceptively Nutritious Cookies  to provide a healthy snack to other moms and kids looking for a tasty product.  Yadhira will be at the Mother Love Family Fitness Festival with free samples of her cookies, as well as cookie packages available for purchase.  She is offering a free gift with every purchase!


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