embRACE bands - Keep hair and sweat off your face, with a headband that stays in place!

embRACE bands are fitness headbands that keep hair and sweat off your face AND stay in place! No headband headache! No slipping! Lots of fun colors and patterns to choose from!
We can even customize a bands for your team or organization!


Life is not a race, but it often feels like one. Including exercise in your daily life can help you go the distance. An active lifestyle can positively support you both emotionally and physically.  For me, staying active has given me the strength to weather the toughest stages of this race.  Comfort
Whether your goal is to walk to the bustop and stretch or to run your first race, embRACE bands can help make embracing an active lifestyle easier and exciting. Let’s face it, things that fit well make exercise much more enjoyable. 
For many, we spend more time at the gym than we do out on the town. We should invest in our clothes and accessories to reflect that. I actually get more excited about going to the gym after making a new bag or band.
embRACE an active lifestyle
We all know that the gym won’t pay off if we only go once or twice, so don’t fight it, embrace it. Just like a hug, hold exercise close to you.  Make it a priority.  Make it a lifestyle. Let embRACE bands help!

Look for embRACE bands at the Mother Love Family Fitness Festival.  They come in many colors and patterns to match every outfit and coordinate with sports uniforms.  Special kids sizes are available.


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