Exploramania - Gymathtics DVD Series

The Exploracise interactive educational programs are revolutionizing education by integrating technology, learning and fitness for an optimal teaching environment while getting healthful exercise. Multi-sensory learning enhances the retention and recall of concepts and the Exploracise programs use the TV to synergize visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning techniques. Scientific research shows exercise releases neural growth factors in the brain developing connections and improving memory. Everyone can GET FIT! GET SMART! HAVE FUN!

Our vision is to bring learning to life through interactive educational experiences.
We want to help children reach their full potential by developing enriching educational products that are fun and create nurturing learning experiences. In addition, our passion is to develop in children a love of learning, while helping them establish healthy lifestyles for a successful life ahead.
It is our belief that with a healthy body and mind, children can reach their dreams and be a Dream Stretch STAR for life.

Exploramania will be at the Mother Love Family Fitness Festival with their DVD playing for families to check out!  They just launched a new program, "The Learning Movement".  Parents can buy one of the award winning Exploracise Gymathtics DVDs for their home, share one with a teacher, coach or another family and Exploracise will donate one copy to an at-risk child or Title I school.



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Thank you so much for having us yesterday!

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