Mother Love Family Fitness Festival

Why Mother Love?
Baby Boot Camp (formerly StrollerFit) has been providing pre- and post-natal fitness classes for moms in St Petersburg for over five years. This event marks the culmination of a three-month long Mother Love Fitness Challenge conducted during Baby Boot Camp classes here in St Pete, as well as across the country. The Mother Love Family Fitness Festival a celebration of the moms who participated in the challenge as well as all families who work hard to provide a healthy, active environment for their children. 

What's a Fitness Festival?
 Together with Sunken Gardens and Tampa Bay Parenting, Baby Boot Camp is producing the Family Fitness Festival as a way to showcase local products and services that benefit the health and well being of families in the St Petersburg community. It's also a fun format for presenting activities and products which families can use everyday in order to live a more healthy and active life.

FREE event for local families.  Check back here daily for entries about each of our Mother Love vendors.  RSVP on our Facebook event page


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