Nutrition and Attendance Challenge - HOLIDAY SEASON 2011

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years...all of these holidays seem to fly at us so quickly that we can't keep up.  Kids activities, family obligations, indulgent festivities...where is the time to nurture and care for ourselves??  This November and December, Baby Boot Camp will be running a Nutrition and Attendance Challenge to keep you motivated through this busy holiday season.

Baby Boot Camp mom of two daughters, Crystal Flores, will be taking the lead on the nutrition aspect of this challenge.  She is a Registered Dietitian and currently works with All Children's Hospital.  She will have a new nutrition challenge for us every week, such as drink eight 8-oz glasses of water a day.  Crystal will also provide a short presentation at one or two classes a week about the topic of focus that week.  Baby Boot Camp moms who are participating in the challenge will receive one point for checking in with Crystal weekly via email.  Crystal has also offered private nutritional consultations to Baby Boot Camp moms at a reduced rate for help with specific problems or concerns.  Contact Crystal for additional information.

The second part of the challenge is accumulating attendance points.  One point is earned for each class attended.  **PRIZES will be awarded at our holiday/end of the year party on Friday, December 30th.**  We currently have 10 classes a week, check out all of our class options here.  New moms, veteran mom who we haven't seen in a while and current Baby Boot Camp moms are all eligible to participate in this challenge.  Email Christie for information about attending your first FREE Baby Boot Camp class or participating in our Holiday 2011 Challenge.

By taking some time for you, your body and your health, you will be able to give more back to your family and have a fabulous holiday season!


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