Beach Games for Fun & Fitness!

Memorial Day weekend to most families around Tampa Bay means beach, sun, family and food.  A local favorite beach, Ft. DeSoto, was just named the #1 Family Friendly Beach by Parents Magazine.  It will certainly be a hotspot this weekend.

A day in the sun and on the sand is a great time to play some family beach games. After everyone has had a chance to swim and build a sand castle, introduce the whole family something new and different to do by trying one of these fun activities. These activities can be played with toddlers, school age kids and adults, too.

Some beach games require a few pieces of equipment, but these are fun & simple to play. Having a "winner" isn't necessary because, after all, everyone who gets to spend a fun day at the beach is a winner.

Shell Sort — Sorting shells is a fun way to start a new collection and also teach the little ones a thing or two. Have each child run up and down the beach gathering as many different kinds of shells as they can. Draw a grid in the sand and have them sort the shells into different categories;  the kids can sort them by color, size or type. Make it even more interesting by combining two elements; keeping each large white shell together and each small brown shell together.

Beach Ball Balancing Act — This beach ball game is fun for all ages and is easy to play. You need one inflatable beach ball for every team of two players. The players try to carry the ball across a finish line without using their hands. The ball can be balance between their heads, pressed between their backs while walking backwards or set between their stomachs and crab-walked to the end.

Family Beach Boot Camp — No, you don't have to wear camo and have a drill sargent yell at you...but you can have some fun doing a few partner exercises together.  Try partner squats - face your partner and hold both hands with each other.  Slowly lower down, bending your knees and keeping your weight over your heels.  Stand back up, keeping your shoulders up tall.  Repeat for 10 reps.  Jog with your partner 10 yards down the beach, get down and give me 20!  Just kidding...10 partner push ups coming up.  Face your partner both in push up position, on toes or knees.  Complete one push up, then give your partner a high five with your right hand to their left hand.  Finish up with 9 more push ups.

Whatever you choose to do, remember little segments of activity can add up to your Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended 150 minutes a week.  Try 10 minutes of vigorous activity, 3 times a day, 5 days a week.  Mix up your activities and you will stay interested and keep moving!


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