What a great deal!

Baby Boot Camp members are now eligible for a wonderful deal the entire family can enjoy.  Great Explorations and Sunken Gardens, two of St Petersburg's most family friendly destinations, are offing BBC members a FREE THREE MONTHS when an annual membership is purchased!  This deal is made even more incredible when you factor in all the great reciprocal memberships available with the purchase of these annual passes.  Great Explorations will have reciprocal memberships with the new Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa which opens September 25.  Sunken Gardens memberships offer free admission to over 200 gardens across the country.

Here's how it breaks down: purchase a one year family membership at Great Ex for $100 and a one year family membership at Sunken Gardens for $50 and you'll end up with 15 months of membership for $150 when you mention that you are a BBC member.  Such a great deal...and all because you decided to be an active role model for your kids and participate in a healthy activity that benefits mom & baby.  WHAT??  You're not a BBC member yet?  Email us today and reserve your FREE trial class!


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